1. Danielle D.

    I agree that bed time routine is a must and was so much easier when my kids were young! It’s difficult when kids age vary and homework and projects keep them up late! My 7 year old, who I still make go to bed at a reasonable time now takes her shower, eat a snack, read a book or play on phone
    then eventually falls asleep, I just wish playing on phone was not part of night time routine, I just wish it was shower, snack, read book and sleep, but I guess she uses her phone to unwind after a long day! I also think you live what you learn, so if Mom, Dad and sibling are on there phone before bed, it is all she see and know! I plan on changing some things for my little one!

    • Thanks for your comment! I agree 100% with you. Dealing with my older three, is taking away my me time. I can’t keep checking on them every 15 minutes! Even though I send them to bed at a decent time, they’re in there room doing other stuff. Sometimes I think they’re sleep, but they’re not! They do realize they are still getting up at 6:45 for school. They claim they don’t be tired during the day. So I’m trying not to worry about it anymore.

      As for Ayden, what works for us is doing bedtime in my bedroom (read and fall asleep) so he won’t be distracted by Donte who he shares room with. Then he is transferred to his room. It’s the best we can do. Much different process from the older three. I don’t know what else to do.

      Lastly, this is a different time now. Before, kids & parents may have watched tv, read a book or magazine, or did crossword puzzles. Everything is on our phone or tablet now…news, blogs/articles, music, games, coupon groups, homework, etc. The one thing I’ve done was waiting until Ayden is not around or when he sleeps, to get on the phone. I try to keep it at minimum, but that’s not always easy. Even when trying a new recipe or craft…..I’m using a phone, when before it was a book or paper that was printed.

      What are some things you will try to change for your 7-year-old? I’m always open to trying new things!

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