About the Blog

20180111_214407.jpgHello! Welcome to A Family that Plays!

This blog was created as an outlet for me to share my many family experiences. Having a family is a lot about what we experience, be it negative or positive. Our experiences are what make us who we are. The things that we do, places we go, people we interact with, the activities we participate in, the foods that we eat, our culture, and our very beliefs, morals, and values, are all a part of our experiences.

This blog will mainly chronicle the life of my husband Larry and me, who have been married for 17 years, and our four children, Donté (14), Kaiya(13), Mikayla (11), and Ayden (4). While my family’s activities are the main focus, my blog at times will capture some experiences of my extended family as well. There are plenty of times when members of my family “play” with others, and I would like to share the excitement with you. In addition, there are times that I will feature families other than mine at play because I enjoy learning about their experiences, and I’m sure that you would, too!

Having a family or being a parent, you have some things that are your favorites. Some parents are interested in fashion; some families are immersed in music; and there are families who focus on organic and green living. While those topics does interest my family and me to a certain extent, my primary interests are all about providing multi-sensory experiences for my family, which include the aforementioned topics. Parents tend to plan their family activities based on what interests them. For example, I love to bake, eat tasty foods, doing arts and crafts, traveling, going to fun places, taking lots of pictures, sharing helpful resources, and entering and winning contests. My husband enjoys cooking, sports, traveling, and saving money. As parents, we introduce and pass down our personal interests to our children. Our children take on some of our interests, but they develop their own passions and talents as well. As parents, we put all of that into consideration when planning some of the experiences we’re going to have together. We also think it’s important that we try new things because we may find out that we enjoy other things, too. We are a family that simply loves to play!


Having two teenagers, one preteen, and one preschooler brought about some changes in the last year or two. My older kids are growing up right before my eyes, and their interests have changed. There were times when I planned an activity or day trip and the look on the older kids’ faces was: “Why did you bring me here? This is for little kids.” I realized I needed to consider the ages of my older children more when planning family activities. I’ve come to the conclusion that my family will not always be together for certain experiences. This conclusion was hard for me to accept, but I realized it was the reality. I don’t want Ayden to miss out on all the experiences my older kids had when they were younger. There are times when I will plan something that doesn’t include the older kids or vice versa. I’ve come to another conclusion that it is okay to hang out with my little boy and leave my older children behind so Ayden can do activities that are appropriate for his age. It all works out because my kids are beginning to make their own plans with family and friends, or they simply just stay home and do their own thing. There are times when my husband will do something with the older ones while I’m with Ayden. What I basically do now is take turns with age-appropriate activities, and sometimes someone might have to stay behind. But the best activities and outings are when there’s something for everyone to enjoy together. In my blog, I will share the variety of these experiences and how they work out for my family. I’m pretty certain there are families who are in similar situations, and I would love to learn about their ideas.


I hope you will enjoy what A Family that Plays has to offer. If you find this blog beneficial, please share it with your family and friends. I hope to inspire as many families as I can. In addition, I am interested in learning about your family’s experiences as well! Please feel free to interact with my blog and any of our social media outlets.