Meet the Players


20171114_223045.jpgLarry has been my loving husband for 17 years. Prior to marrying him, we were friends, and our love and friendship continues to grow. He is the biggest supporter of all my dreams! He is such a wonderful dad to our four children; they couldn’t ask for a better father. Larry enjoys watching basketball and football. He gets really excited when his favorite team does well. Larry loves to travel – he enjoys taking our family on day trips or long road trips. He says the long road trips bring back childhood memories when his family would travel down south to see family. He doesn’t mind flying to our destination either. Larry loves going on cruises and hopes that we can cruise more often.

Larry is really good at cooking, which he does it for a living. Every now and then he whips up a meal for the family and for me, and it’s nice to have that break and not have to cook! One of Larry’s hobbies is couponing. He is really good at it and saves us a lot of money! Taking care of a family of six is no joke, but his couponing skills come in handy when purchasing food and household items! Larry is a very hard working man, and I appreciate everything he does for me and the kids! My family feels blessed to have such a wonderful man in our lives.



Donté is my oldest child — he is 14 years old. Donté is Jr. Editor of this blog. He is very good at writing, and even though he’s not interested in writing anything for my blog, he does enjoy reading and providing feedback! Donté participated in art classes for 7 years and is very talented. He also said he can help me with my website because he’s into digital design, so I look forward to his suggestions. Donté is more of a background guy, so you may not know he’s contributing, but he is. He’s full of great ideas and he knows I value his opinions! Donté is really good at drawing and performs well in math, both of which he gets from his dad.

Donté sings on the choir at his school and in a few groups at church. He doesn’t mind singing, as long as it’s in the background. And he knows how to play the guitar, thanks to five years of lessons! He also enjoys playing the drums and is currently practicing a song for church. Basketball is his favorite sport, and he has lots of fun playing for his school’s basketball team. Donté can speak and read in Spanish, but on an intermediate level. He enjoys going on family vacations, especially if a roller coaster is involved or if he gets to see something different. Donté likes playing video games, exercising, and baking his favorite cookie, snickerdoodles (which are very yummy, by the way)!


20171114_214707.jpgKaiya is my oldest girl — she is 13 years old. Kaiya is Jr. Writer of this blog. She loves and excels in writing and at photography. She is currently taking up photojournalism in school. She also took art classes for 8 years. All of her writing and art skills will be a great contribution to this blog. I hope you are just as excited as I am in seeing her work. Kaiya is fluently bilingual in English and Spanish; perhaps she will show our readers her skills and write a piece or two in Spanish. Kaiya loves DIY projects and she often makes things to decorate her room with. She also likes to spend time with Ayden doing arts and crafts projects. And speaking of decorating, she and her little sister help me out a lot with that!

Kaiya loves to sing and she does so in her school’s choir, as well as in a few groups at church. Every now and then, you will find her performing praise dances at church. Kaiya has been playing the violin since she was in second grade. She plays the violin for school concerts and occasional performances at church, and she sounds very lovely! Kaiya enjoys acting, and she recently had a part in her school’s production of “Beauty and the Beast.” Kaiya loves sports such as football, boxing, track, and basketball. She is trying out for the school’s girl basketball team — I hope she makes the team!

Ok, what else about Kaiya? She loves fashion and shopping for what she likes. And she needs a job — I can’t support that hobby too much! But she did take some sewing classes from one of her aunts, so now she can make some of her own clothes. Kaiya loves to bake, cook, and try new recipes! She finds pleasure in organizing…her room, closets, the house, cabinets, anything! But with a younger sister and brother, you can imagine how long the organization lasts. Lastly, Kaiya enjoys traveling and wants to explore the world.


20170823_124441.jpgMikayla is my second daughter — she is 11 years old. Mikayla is also a Jr. Writer for the blog. She likes to talk about her fun experiences and write about them for school writing assignments. Mikayla has shown a recent interest in taking pictures, so she will be working on that. She finds such joy in baking! She is always asking me to bake something. (She likes to cook too, but baking — that is her thing)! Mikayla can also speak and read in Spanish, but on an intermediate level.

Mikayla has been taking art classes since she was five years old. She loves anything that has to do with art: drawing, painting, coloring, pottery, sculpture, mixed media art, and DIY. Mikayla told me a few years ago she wanted to be an artist or an art teacher when she grows up. But she was confused and uncertain because she wants to bake, too. I told her that she can do both! Baking is an art, and there are many creative things she can do with her baking projects. I showed her decorated cakes and fancy cookies. Her expressions were full of hope and excitement after learning the many possibilities of what she can do with her passions and skills of art and baking!

When Mikayla was between the ages of 5-8, she had lessons in piano and violin but realized she didn’t want to play any instrument. She said to me, “Mom, playing instruments is just not my thing. I love art!” We ended the lessons and found other opportunities for her to be more involved in what she’s passionate about. Mikayla also enjoys science experiments, nature, and collecting rocks and minerals. Oh, and let’s not forget her love for sports! This girl was very energetic and athletic since she could walk! Well, most toddlers are, but she was a little extra! I was not surprised when she played a variety of sports last school year and excelled at her sports summer camp. She’s looking forward to playing basketball, soccer, and kickball again this school year. Mikayla also loves going on family vacations and would like to know: where to next?


20171109_143703.jpgAyden is my youngest child — he is four-years-old. He is in his last year of preschool, so a big part of his life is about school readiness. It’s a good thing my family loves to play because his everyday experiences are what’s getting Ayden prepared for elementary school. Through all of his play experiences with our family and at preschool, he has developed skills in the social/emotional, cognitive, motor/physical, communication/language, and self-help developmental domains. My family enjoys watching him grow, and we get excited when he learns or accomplishes new skills.

Ayden loves arts and crafts: drawing, coloring, painting, and cutting paper. He loves interacting with books — he insists that he gets read to every night, likes to discuss the stories, and he “reads” by himself. Some of Ayden’s favorite TV shows are: Thomas the Train, Dora the Explorer, Go, Diego, Go! and Peppa Pig. Some of his favorite movies are: The Minions, Toy Story, and Sing. Ayden loves anything trucks, cars, trains, planes, and dinosaurs. He has a great interest in baking and cooking. Whenever he sees ingredients and the mixer on the counter, he asks to help me bake the cake, even though it could be another treat. Ayden is such a big helper and likes to set the table for meals. He just started swimming lessons and, so far, likes it. He enjoys playing outdoors and likes to be “one with nature.” And just like the rest of the family, he enjoys outings. As Ayden continues to grow, I look forward to sharing with you any new interests and passions that he develops.


And then, of course, there’s me. If you haven’t already gotten to know me, you can do so at “Meet the Creator & Editor.”

At A Family that Plays, my readers will get the chance to see some of the players’ talents and skills throughout the blog. I hope you will enjoy what all the players have to offer. Together, we hope to inspire families all over the world! We encourage you to read, check out our pictures, comment, and share!